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Constantly hearing doctors tell my family that it was highly unlikely that I would survive and if I did survive I'd be a vegetable the rest of my life.""But, guess what? Little by little I came back to life and not only survived but thrived."Read her full post below: on Sept.

Two years later, Arlen qualified for the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London as a paralympic swimmer with Team USA.

"I never knew how precious life was until I was perfectly fine one day and in a blink of an eye I was laying in a hospital bed, unable to walk, talk, eat, move and fighting for my life.

For four years unbeknownst to my loved ones I was trapped in a vegetative state literally 'locked in' my own body. It wasn't easy but through a lot of hard work, hope, faith and incredible support from my family and friends.

Eventually she kicked off her gold stilettos and jumped around in bare feet.

The high-energy display prompted Jay De Marcus, the bassist for headliners Rascal Flatts, to ask the crowd, “How about that Jessica Simpson?

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