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Currently this job is done by hiring huge consulting firm in London, which in turn subcontract to some small consulting firms in Europe which organize data collection teams on the ground. A local company which will specialize in field data collection will fill the gap for the international organizations, but also be a good service provider for local government which in most case doesn’t have any reliable statistics institute.These kind of company could be started by a group sociologists and statisticians with the support of a networks of niche experts.Africa is currently perceived as a new land of opportunity by the whole world.Old colonial powers and Chinese are in fight to have access to the emerging opportunities.

This is one of the best opportunity to pursue at this present time in Africa.

It could be done as an extension to a large circulation magazine or an independent endeavor 2.

e-government or mobile-government How to empower African administration to server their citizen with internet and mobile technology.

This forum could started with very little effort in connection with local expatriates.

You might first start by creating a local association for expats in your city/country with social gatherings and activities, then move on to have an online version focused on providing useful and relevant information.

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