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The four approach Kimberly (Gabrielle Anwar) and discover that she happens to be a very beautiful woman; for the sake of the team, all four make a solemn vow not to make any romantic overtures to Kimberly while they're in training, but predictably the flesh is weaker than the spirit and all four end up dating her at one time or another.

Their final album to date appeared in 2012 entitled "Famous for Killing Each Other," which was inspired by the History channel's miniseries Hatfileds and Mc Coys where Costner played William Anderson Hatfield caught in the feud between the confederates and the union in the American Civil War.But there is a surprising amount going on which all works towards making this storyline more interesting, although in effect makes it more contrived.You have the homeless centre which may have to close down unless money can be raised to buy the property, then there is the toy company running a promotion which leads to young Jesse winning his wish and the toy company basically becoming a dating agency for his mother and then there is the rich executive who falls for her but as you can guess isn't really the right one.Four guys with an interest in competitive rowing -- ad executive Scott (Jason Lewis), architect Michael (Chris Rydell), stockbroker Bob (Sean Astin), and college professor Walter (Robert Mailhouse) -- decide their crew needs some help.They learn that the daughter of an Olympic rowing champion lives in town, and she's no slouch at the sport herself.

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