Malasian sax veedio

Gibson claims that he himself has been receiving death threats and warnings to cease his investigation.

KLEX aims to serve as a platform to introduce contemporary experimental cinema and music from the region and worldwide to the Malaysian… We’re having a pre-festival party prior to the annual festival in November!

KLEX 2017 Pre-festival Party is happening on Saturday, 21 October, 8pm @ RAW Art Space.

We’re very happy to host three honourable guests from Taiwan: musicians Lin Hsiao-Feng (bamboo flutes), Shih-Yang Lee (harmonica/sound objects) and visual artist Wasabi Chuang…

Aside from Malaysian submissions, we received works from Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Finland, France,…

Dear artists, thank you for your submission to KLEX 2016! Thank you so much for your interest and enthusiasm in this grassroot festival of experimental arts in Kuala Lumpur!

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KLEX 2016: SPARK Festival Dates: late November 2016 Call Release Date: 30 March 2016 Submission Deadline: Hello, friends of KLEX! We apologize for a follow-up of KLEX 2015 in end of November. Four days after festival, we went to Singapore and presented a KLEX programme at the 26th Singapore International Film Festival. KLEX 2015: PULSE 25-29th November 2015 Venues: Lostgens’ Contemporary Artspace, FINDARS, Da Huang Pictures, New Era University College.

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