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And she is very welcome to take the full credit for those ideas. It’s the old story of whether the proverbial cup appears half full or half empty.

According to Kate, the builders of the Second and Third pyramids at Giza used the same ‘invisible line’ in the north, but because of the slight precessional change over the years, they got their pyramids misaligned without knowing. The Pyramid builders may not have been fooled by precession at all, as Kate suggests, but rather used precession to ‘date’ their own pyramids.

Modelling the precession of these stars yields a date to the start of construction of the Great Pyramid that is accurate to ±5yr, thereby providing an anchor for the Old Kingdom chronologies” Dynasty onwards to anchor their pyramids to true north, and (b) that because of this technique the alignments of their pyramids fell into ‘error’ due to the precessional shift of the stars (which only aligned in simultaneous transit with true north in 2467 BC).

I have absolutely no problems with regards the claims (a) and (b).

It is original neither to myself nor to Kate Spence.

This method has been in vogue at least since 1865 when the astronomer Piazzi Smyth attempted it using the Pole Star Alpha Draconis.

She concluded that the Pyramid builders must have noticed this too, and assumed this ‘invisible vertical line’ to be true north and consequently aligned their pyramids towards it.

Being unaware of the slow precessional drift, and thus not realising that the ‘invisible vertical line’ shifted a fraction away from true north, they all misaligned their pyramids by an equal deviation, except Khufu (Cheops), builder of the Great Pyramid, who, luckily, built his pyramid by chance nearer the date of 2467 BC.

If anything, it merely shows that the builders of the Great Pyramid were better and more accurate engineers than their successors. In truth, the misalignments are far too small to attribute to deliberation rather than mere engineering tolerances.

Later in 1964 astronomer Virginia Trimble also used the Pole Star as well as the star Delta Orionis to date the Great Pyramid to c.2600 BC.

What IS original to me (and NOT to Kate Spence) is the use of Kochab (and other stars such as Sirius and Zeta Orionis) to arrive at a more accurate date of 2450 BC ± 25 years.

The main ‘breakthrough’ hailed by the media concerns the accurate dating of the Great Pyramid by modelling the precession of the transit of two stars, Kochab (in Ursa Minor) and Mizar (in Ursa Major), at the north meridian of the sky.

According to Kate Spence, “The ancient Egyptian Pyramids of Giza have never been accurately dated…

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