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Our TRADE offer of store credit will usually be 50% more than the Cash offer and is good for used books only.You are welcome to donate any items we make no offer for. Until next time be good, stay off the chems and careful the baby doesn't shit/fart/piss on you.

To schedule a free donation pick-up in LA County, use Re-Bookit!We much prefer if you bring your items in when the Buy counter is open but if you must drop your items off after 5pm (or if you have too many books for us to go through quickly), you can sign a drop-off agreement and we’ll look at them within a day and give you a call with our offer.Please feel free to email our record buyer with details on what records you have, or bring them by the store.We are on the corner of Spring and 5th, which are both one-way streets. If you come in the 5th St entrance with items to sell, the guard will ask you to go outside and around to the Sellers entrance on Spring St. After evaluating your items, we’ll make you a CASH and a TRADE offer.Our CASH offer will be 20-50% of what we can re-sell your items for.

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