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Several factors contribute to this: a murky internal process for reporting and investigating complaints; a longstanding culture of machismo that dates to the agency’s foundation; and a history of retaliation against those who speak out.* * *Olivia’s assailant sat on top of her for about 20 minutes. He followed, trying to kiss her and pull her on top of him.

She was sure he would rape her, but eventually, after more struggle, he left.

Six years later, the memory of the assault still makes her shudder.“I didn’t know to call it sexual assault then,” Olivia tells me.

“It took me a long time to start dealing with it, even though I worked at the park.

The moment the door banged shut, Olivia fell to the floor, sobbing.

She walked to the bathroom and stared in the mirror, brushed her teeth harder than she ever had, as if to erase something.

But the experience taught her to mistrust the system.“They really have no reporting mechanism,” she says.

“They say, ‘Talk to your supervisor.’ What if your supervisor fails you?

The park did agree to transfer the man to another dorm, but it took nearly a week for supervisors to act, and on the day he was supposed to leave, she found him in the dorm kitchen, eating cereal. When he finally did move, it was to the dorm across the parking lot. I’m glad to hear [Olivia] is getting back into a better frame of mind, but I hope [she] is not creating an uncomfortable environment for [him] if it is not warranted.When she was growing up in the Midwest, Olivia and her family vacationed at national parks every year.They piled into the car and drove hundreds of miles to parks and monuments and historic sites great and small—from Badlands, South Dakota, to Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico, and from California’s Sequoia to Acadia in Maine.Each time she discovered a new park, particularly the remote, low-key ones everyone else seemed to forget, Olivia would exclaim, “This is it!This is the park I’m going to work at.”In 2010, at 20 years old, she landed her dream job through the Student Conservation Association: an internship at Death Valley National Park in Southern California.

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