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Boasting a BA in sociology and anthropology, she claims to be an expert on what men want, which is, apparently, women who sport bright colours, wear their hair down and exude a “cool, funny attitude.” She tells me the best way to flirt is to comment on the situation at hand, which is why it’s easy to pick up at a dog park. I don’t have a dog, so I arrive solo, in a bright summer dress and with my hair blown out.I’m worried I come across like the creepy dog voyeur I am. ” asks a handsome guy, as I reach down to shake paws with his black lab, Rupert. DAY 7: INITIATE, INITIATE, INITIATE I read, a forthcoming book by psychologist Shannon Kolakowski.“In fact, with meeting a new person, a more realistic expectation is that it very well may not work out.” I go for a stroll in a buzzy neighbourhood, where I smile and say hello to slick yuppies exiting fancy restaurants and bearded locals walking their dogs. Two skateboarders and I chat about our favourite places to hang out in Toronto.

Nonetheless, we chat for an hour, but I never hear from him again. DAY 6: MUST LOVE DOGS I meet Shannon Tebb, who runs her own dating consultation firm, Shanny in the City.

Our inbox repartee is strong at first, but soon fizzles.

I vow to widen my search beyond my usual type—quirky, artsy, mad-impoverished—which has only brought me dissatisfaction in the past.

She has an amazingly calming presence as she tells me, “You already have a partner—you are married to yourself.

You’re already in a lifelong commitment with your best lover and your best friend.” She has an exercise in mind she says will help open me up to meeting someone.

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A doctor goes on a bizarre rant about proper language use. Afterward, I check “yes” on a physics teacher and a guy who tells me he was so nervous he almost didn’t come tonight. My comic friend tells me it’s a great way to meet guys.

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  1. Women are around twice as likely as men to ask for assistance creating or perfecting their profile—30% of female online daters have done this, compared with 16% of men.