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First up, why would you be retriving data using Execute Non Query?

Contrary to standard ADO, Update does not work automatically in ADO. You need to provide the SQL commands (INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE) that the Update method will use to make the changes in the database. NET is geared toward professional developers, they provided more powerful ways to do things. You can provide your own, and sometimes you must, but since you work from a single table, as long as that table has a primary key, you can use a tool provided by ADO. First of all, before calling Fill, call Fill Schema so that ADO. When I click the button to execute function "Private Sub Get Data_BRL_Click" it pulls the data from the database and displays it. Then I click the upload button to execute the "Private Sub Upload_BRL_Click" to attempt to save the changes. Looking at your code carefully however, I now see why it does not work for your purpose.

Please review my code and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

First of all, you are making a mistake that unfortunately shows up everywhere on the Internet, so everybody repeats it.

I have a datagridview with a context menu strip attached.

When a user selects a row and right clicks they get a menu to perform a task.

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NET has a better idea of the structure of your table: Note that I removed ds. In the code for "Private Sub Upload_BRL_Click" its getting the data from the database again So right now the data adapter/data table don't have any new information to update when. In your Upload_BRL_Click, you create a new Data Table from scratch then update it.

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