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To make it more depressing, here's this burned-out couch, and I take my clothes, I lay my clothes for bedding on this couch. I used to work with all these guys I don't know how many years ago, I haven't changed.

"In the middle of the night, this 6-foot-6 guy comes breaking into the house, climbing through the front window. This guy is wearing jeans, a robe and a shower cap.

You go in, they give you 50 bucks a clip, and everything that happens, you write it down. That got me my job covering the Giants for this Giants Extra magazine and NY1 TV, which got me to the New York Post, which got me to CBS, got me to Fox. Will Mc Donough's the one who put us all on the map.

"The first feature I did for Fox, ever, I was in Jerome Bettis' house the morning after a game to lift natural sound. The guy tried to ice his legs — 15 (minutes) on each leg — before he could get out of bed. We've taken it to a different level, but he put us all on the map." After you got a hold of the tape with Spygate, I remember hearing you on Mortensen's radio show, and there seemed to be genuine respect between the two of you "Here's the biggest thing with me.

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"That got me the New York Post and NY1 TV and MSG Network, and I kept busting my butt. "The wildest thing, the way I got into sports originally, I was doing stand-up comedy and boxing in New York. A guy named David Blatt, he's a producer for CBS, he was in the crowd for one of my first gigs, at a place called Boston Common Club in Greenwich Village.

He knew my sister-in-law, who told him I wanted to get into sports, so he got me a job logging tape.

He comes in there, and I'm like, 'What are you doing? I'm not a doctor, I'm not a teacher, I'm not saving lives.

' 'Oh, I'm looking for Ray-Ray.' 'You've got the wrong house.' I threw an Arizona Iced Tea bottle at him. This guy runs back through the window and jumps out. "We're trying to give some fans some escapism from their everyday lives, and people get so worked up and competitive and critical of stuff that we do. For me, more than anything, I just like to have fun.

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