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Being able to clock out from parenting gives me a chance to recharge and remember that I'm still me, not just mom.3. There's still some negotiation and compromising on big-picture parenting strategies, but at my place, I make the house rules. Post-divorce, my little corner of Brooklyn has never felt more like a village. Most of the time I don't even think of myself as a single mom, because I've got so many people pitching in to help me out.

Still, I was stuck with the partner 23-year-old me had chosen.Note: Please refrain from virgin-shaming when adding examples.If people can pursue casual sexual experience without being judged, they should also be able to choose abstinence without being labelled a "prude".Rob's lawyer, Robert Shapiro, tells TMZ, Rob's cyberbullying last week was "a spontaneous reaction that he regrets." We're told Shapiro will appear on Rob's behalf and immediately tell the judge there is no need for a hearing because Rob has no interest contesting her request for a restraining order that prohibits him from posting personal information about her and intimate photos as well. Sure, when I first got divorced, it was hard to say goodbye to the girls when they went to their father's place for a few days, and sometimes I still really miss them, but I've learned to make the most of my time off. Trying to keep up the charade of my perfect marriage and happy home was isolating.

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