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Seraphim who is one of the new martyrs of Russia and whose connection to St Seraphim of Sarov is tenuous at best.When it comes to these personal practices that are received from a spiritual father, I think it is best to recall the words of St Macarii of Optina, "What I write for you, I write for you alone, and I must ask you to refrain from passing any of it on to others as a general rule of conduct for all. Nikodemos have been criticized for its latin corruptions. Also do you know an answer to my question concerning the assertion that Orthodox faithful can practice a form of lectio divina? Lectio divina is not something I have ever heard mention of in Orthodoxy, and I know almost nothing of it. I have a red chotki that I use to pray repetitive prayers to the Mother of God, and use a monastic green one for the Prayer of the Heart.The only thing dating to the 8th century on the Rosary is the number 150. There is no greek tradition nor any strong russian tradition of a 150x repititious prayer to the Theotokos. Nikodemos have been criticized for its latin corruptions. ' Spiritual reading' is a term I have heard but not in the same sense as lectio divina. ' I have been to Diveyevo twice and seen all the secondary relics of St Seraphim and did not see anything like a rosary but only the Russian chotki. Its funny how things get organized in a prayer life. 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So the so called "rosary of St Seraphim" has actually almost nothing to do with St Seraphim and is rather the result of two further interpretations (that of Elder Zosima and then of Bishop Seraphim) of a practice that was known in the time of St Seraphim's life.on April 2017 Alina Shkalekova Serdobsk e-mail: [email protected]/ scammer - fake passport Anastasia Severnaya Tomsk - scam artist Anastasiya Snegurova St Petersburg scam - professional dater Anastasya Belenets St Petersburg - faked profile Anka Molotova Yoshkar-Ola scammers net Anfesya Gulnaz Tashkent scams Angelika Koroleva Yoshkar-Ola scam - dangerous - under arrest Angelina Sedova Omsk scam - bogus passport Anjela Ivanova Orsk scam - professional dater Anna Mezentseva Krasnoyarsk scam - numerous money requests Antonina Belyakova St Petersburg scam Anya Krasivaya Medvedevo - professional dater / bogus passports Arina Pushkina Yoshkar-Ola - under investigation - background check Boryana Kurtu Latvia -international scammers net Christina Presnyakova Sochi - 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Praying the Jesus Prayer these past couple years has shown me that prayer is something that is without beginning and end, it lasts, it permeates my being to the core. A decade ago they were gung ho in (re) introducing statues into the Orthodox church, even had John Behr make a statement to the effect that statues are equal to icons and can be venerated!That certain overzealous individuals are extrapolating evidence that is not really there seems more likely. In fact, given some of the critiques I've heard, you are being most reserved and gentle, as usual. The Rosary has specific prayers and specific beginning and ending. Hence, prayer isn't something to do, something to check off the list, but rather it becomes who I am and reminds me whose I am. As far as lectio divina im not well versed into what this specifically entails , best you ask your priest. Also I suggest that we cease using the word "rosary" to describe this practice as there is too much "baggage" that comes with the word.

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