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A new study that followed more than 150,000 teen drivers over eight years has found that driver's education significantly reduces crashes and traffic violations among new drivers.Young drivers who have not completed driver's education are 75 percent more likely to get a traffic ticket, 24 percent more likely to be involved in a fatal or injury accident and 16 percent more likely to have an accident, the study showed."One can unequivocally say that it was a terrorist act," Alexander Bortnikov, the head of Russia's FSB security service, told a meeting chaired by president Vladimir Putin, according to a transcript published on the Kremlin's website.He said traces of explosives had been found in the wreckage of the Airbus A321, which crashed shortly after take off from Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh airport and was packed with Russian holidaymakers heading home to St Petersburg.A Sinai-based Egyptian militant group allied to IS has claimed it shot the plane down in response to Russia's military intervention in Syria in support of president Bashar al-Assad.In September Russian warplanes took to the skies over Syria in strikes Moscow insisted were aimed at against IS jihadists, targeting weapons depots, ammunition, communications infrastructure and fuel.

British and US spies had said they had intercepted "chatter" from Islamic State (IS) leaders celebrating the downing of the plane, suggesting that a bomb was possibly hidden in luggage in the hold.

Most driver's education courses in Nebraska are now offered by third-party providers.

The Nebraska Safety Council, for example, teaches about 700 students per year in five Nebraska communities.

Students pay the 5 fee for the course, which includes 20 hours of classroom instruction and 5 1/2 hours behind the wheel, executive director Laurie Klosterboer said.

The UNL researchers said their study, essentially a census of all teens who obtained provisional operators permits during the study's time frame, avoided many of the methodological issues related to sampling that made it difficult for past studies to get a clear picture of the effects of driver's education.

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