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No request for reconsideration of a ruling on a postjudgment motion will toll the running of the time within which a notice of appeal must be filed under this rule. The question whether a particular “claim” is a separate claim for purposes of Rule 304(a) is often a difficult one. If leave to appeal is not sought by the petitioner, the clerk of the Appellate Court shall seal the record on appeal before returning it to the clerk of the circuit court. If leave to appeal to the Supreme Court is sought, the petition for leave to appeal and all supporting documents shall identify the petitioner in manner provided under Rule 660(c).

If a timely notice of appeal is filed and served by a party, any other party, within 10 days after service upon him or her, or within 30 days from the entry of the judgment or order being appealed, or within 30 days of the entry of the order disposing of the last pending postjudgment motion, whichever is later, may join in the appeal, appeal separately, or cross-appeal by filing a notice of appeal, indicating which type of appeal is being taken. The file in the Supreme Court shall also be sealed and impounded following the decision of the Supreme Court.

Amendments relate back to the time of the filing of the notice of appeal. On motion supported by a showing of reasonable excuse for failure to file a notice of appeal on time, accompanied by the proposed notice of appeal and the filing fee, filed in the reviewing court within 30 days after expiration of the time for filing a notice of appeal, the reviewing court may grant leave to appeal and order the clerk to transmit the notice of appeal to the trial court for filing. The confidentiality of the proceedings shall be maintained in the manner described in paragraph (f) of this rule.

If the reviewing court allows leave to file a late notice of appeal, any other party may, within 10 days of the order allowing the filing of the late notice, join in the appeal separately or cross-appeal as set forth in Rule 303(a)(3).notice of appeal transmitted to the reviewing court pursuant to paragraph (a) of this rule, or receipt of a motion for leave to appeal under paragraph (d) of this rule, the clerk of the reviewing court shall enter the appeal upon the docket. 1, 2015Rule 303(a)(2) is intended to address concerns raised in cases such as John G. If leave to appeal is allowed, the petitioner must then file the record from the proceedings in the circuit court with the clerk the Supreme Court within two days, excluding weekends and holidays, of the date that leave to appeal is allowed, except that the two day period may be extended at the request of the minor or incompetent person. The Supreme Court shall then issue a confidential written decision within five days, excluding weekends and holidays, of the date it allowed the petition for leave to appeal.

Upon the entry of such an order any documents already filed in the Appellate Court shall be transmitted by the clerk of that court to the clerk of the Supreme Court. All notifications pursuant to this procedure may be informal and shall be confidential.

From that point the case shall proceed in all respects as though the appeal had been taken directly to the Supreme Court. If the court fails to rule within the 48-hour period and an extension is not requested, then the petition shall be deemed to have been granted and the notice requirement shall be waived.

A party intending to challenge an order disposing of any postjudgment motion or separate claim, or a judgment amended upon such motion, must file a notice of appeal, or an amended notice of appeal within 30 days of the entry of said order or amended judgment, but where a postjudgment motion is denied, an appeal from the judgment is deemed to include an appeal from the denial of the postjudgment motion. After entry of an order by the Appellate Court, the clerk of the Appellate Court shall review the proceedings.

All notifications of court rulings under this rule may be informal and shall be confidential.

Adopted September 20, 2006, effective immediately; amended June 22, 2017, eff.

Such vacatur shall not constitute a determination on the merits of the constitutional question presented. (An amendment of June 29, 1978, was to have abolished direct appeals in proceedings to review orders of the Industrial Commission. In accordance with the provisions of this rule, a minor or incompetent person shall be entitled to an appeal to the Appellate Court as a matter of right when the circuit court denies her a waiver of notice under the Parental Notification of Abortion Act. Review of the denial of a waiver of notice under the Parental Notice of Abortion Act shall be by petition filed in the Appellate Court.

The amendment was to have been effective January 1, 1979. The petition shall state the relief requested and the grounds for the relief requested and be filed within two days, weekends and holidays excluded, of entry of the denial from which review is being sought, except that the two-day period may be extended at the request of the minor or incompetent person.

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