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George Harrison bought one of the first ones, and what more can you say?

Performance meets class, efficiency and elegance head-on.

“We chose surgical masks as an essential tool for that.” White surgical masks covering most of the face are common sights in Japan, where people don them to avoid catching diseases, keep out pollen and, sometimes, just to keep their faces warm.

Some women also opt for a mask on days when they haven’t worn makeup.

The marriage rate has plunged by 50 percent over the last 40 years, from 10.1 per thousand in 1975 to 5.1 per thousand in 2014, according to a Health Ministry survey.

Young people brought up in the digital era find face-to-face encounters daunting in ultra-polite Japan, while long work hours add still another hurdle.

At least, that’s what one Japanese dating service is trying to prove – by requiring participants in speed dating sessions to wear white surgical masks.

It was always a question among analysts of how far Mc Laren's target qualities for a race car could be translated into a street car, but 1993's road-going Mc Laren F1 model was quickly accepted by zillionaires worldwide as the ultimate supercar.With an in-depth focus on the law of attraction, presents proven methods that will modify one’s mindset towards a brighter, more promising future. You CAN accumulate the wealth that you truly desire and deserve - if you know the secrets.A hydraulic suspension system has four different condition settings and, Mc Laren folks emphasized to us, the driver never has to take his or her eyes off the road or fingers off the steering wheel to get from Point A to B, swiftly and comfortably. Stab the brakes hard and it shifts the rear wing into a much more vertical position.What the wing now does is force aerodynamic pressure on the rear wheels ("creating downforce" as they say), keeping the rear tires in touch with the road and preventing the rear wheels from locking-up.

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