Elisabetta canalis dating mehcad brooks

Elisabetta is still trying to be famous, and again at least she is with a guy who is either also using her to be famous too and/or genuinely likes being around her. As I mentioned before, my opinion of Brooks (who we did feature on HGF like three times, I know some of you will ask! BUT he does look happy with Elisabetta, and he looks just as thrilled to get papped as she is. The relationship between Italian model Elisabetta Canalis and True Blood star Mehcad Brooks appears to have skidded to an abrupt halt following a spat in the lobby of her West Hollywood apartment building Thursday night, Radar has learned exclusively.From one hunk to the next — Elisabetta Canalis certainly likes her men gorgeous.George Clooney's ex-girlfriend, 33, has made her rumored romance with former “True Blood” star Mehcad Brooks, 31, official.

They did the tourist thing in Mitte, and they were photographed by someone they undoubtedly called ahead of time, because no one would even know who they are in Berlin or particularly care. But after a few minutes they couldn’t contain themselves anymore and their voices started to escalate.” PHOTOS: Elisabetta Canalis Goes On Date With New Boyfriend The eyewitness continued, “They both became so angry, it was like they were oblivious to the fact that they were out in public: At one point, Elisabetta shoved Mehcad really hard, and he shouted right back at her to stop acting crazy. While George Clooney has been busy flaunting Stacy Keibler on every awards show red carpet this season, his last girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, has gotten her hands on a new Hollywood bachelor—Steve-O.(Canalis told Us Weekly "we don't know yet" whether she and her man will spend the holidays together.) Still, once inside the event, the twosome packed on the PDA and happily posed for affectionate, touchy-feely photos together.PHOTOS: George and Elisabetta's romance Us Weekly first broke the news that Canalis (who split from George Clooney over the summer after two years together) rebounded with Brooks earlier this fall.

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